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Easy, Affordable, Safe

LiIT Secure Online Data backup is the newest; most convenient and cost effective way of ensuring your valuable data is backed up, everyday, and stored in multiple locations. Using the internet and BitBackup technology, LiIT Backup is the leading edge of today’s online backup products, making it easier and affordable for our customers.


LiIT Backup operates an off-site storage facility for your data. An account is maintained for each user. Each account is protected by a password known only to the user.

The electronic vault system is set up so that at a preset time, (usually late at night) your computer automatically prepares its data for backup. It determines which files have been modified since the last backup, compresses them, and encrypts them for security. When the data is ready the computer uses its modem or Internet Connection to contact a LiIT Backup Server and transmit the data.
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